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HCD121 that inherited features of HC model. It is so compact that you can save the space.
Suitable for high humidity control.
Equipped with high capacity 10A relay. Can interlock with ultrasonic humidifier NP series.


  • Humidity measurement and humidity control are all in this one.
  • Wet and dry bulb sensor suitable for high humidity control.
  • Wet and dry bulb sensor is NIPPO standard. Can be used for other NIPPO products.
  • Adopted high capacity 10A relay makes it possible to interlock with our humidifier directly.(relay contact capacity: 10A)
  • Control action both 3 position(WET/DRY/OFF) and 2 position(ON/OFF) + 2 position are available.
  • Both humidify and dehumidify are available.
  • Transmission output(DC4-20mA) is available. (optional)


Name General-purpose humidity controller
Model code HCD121
Control action 2 position(ON/OFF) / 3 position(WET/DRY/OFF)
Sensing method Thermistor wet and dry bulb(Temperature range: -10~60℃)
Display method Digital(PV: red, SV: green)
Display range 0~100%RH
Measurement range 10~100%RH
Resolution 1 / 0.1%
Measurement accuracy ±5%RH(exclude input device error)
Differential Main control / sub control 0.1~100%(0.1% step)
Dead band -100.0~100.0
Power supply AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 10VA(100V)~15VA(AC240V)
Ambient temperature 0~50℃(with no icing)
Ambient humidity 35~85%RH(with no condensation)
Withstanding voltage AC1500V 50/60Hz over 1 minute
Insulation resistance > DC500V 20MΩ
Memory backup Backed up by non-volatile memory(EEPROM) Number of writing(life): Approx. 1 million times
Weight 300g(body only)

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