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HC is an analog humidity controller by using 2 of TT-3 type temperature sensor as wet and dry bulb with an indicator of relative humidity and dry contact to regulate humidity. It can interlock with our ultrasonic humidifier NP series.


  • Large analog setting dial and large analog meter easy to read.
  • Simple operation just turn the knob
  • Wet and dry bulb sensor is NIPPO standard. Can be used for other NIPPO products.


Power supply AC100 / 200V 50 / 60Hz
Humidity sensor Wet and dry bulb
Measurement range 30~100%RH(accuracy guaranteed range)
Setting range 30~100%RH
Resolution 5%(minimum notch of analog meter)
Measurement accuracy ±5%
Control action Two position(ON/OFF)
Output capacity AC250V 10A(resistive load)
Setting method Analog dial
Indicate method Analog meter
Setting accuracy ±5%RH
Differential adjustment range < ±0.5%RH
Ambient condition -10 to 50℃ < 85%Rh (with no condensation or icing)
Sensor temperature range 5~20℃, 15~35℃, 30~50℃, 45~70℃
Weight HCP: 1.4kg, HCK: 2.0kg(body only)
Wet and dry bulb sensorWet and dry bulb sensor
Water reservoir holder(vertical)Water reservoir holder(vertical)
Water reservoir holder(horizontal)Water reservoir holder(horizontal)
Water reservoir holder with fanWater reservoir holder with fan
Model code
Water reservoir holder
Wet and dry bulb sensor
Vertical steel
Wet and dry bulb sensor
Horizontal steel
Optional accessory
Vertical SUS with fan, Vertical SUS, Horizontal SUS

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HC series

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HC series


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