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The controller implemented with microprocessor specialized for refrigerator has two position(ON/OFF) control algorithm.
It has compatibility of panel-cut size with old model PCM325003.
Enhanced with offset function, "dF" display delay condition select function,
drain time function and compressor protection function.


  1. Defrost cycle can be set 10 minutes step.
  2. Defrost time can be set 1 minute step.
  3. Defrost end temperature sensor is available(optional).
  4. "dF" display delay condition is selectable.
  5. Compressor protection timer function.
  6. Temperature offset can be adjusted by parameter.
  7. Drain time can be set by parameter.
  8. Communication function is available.


Product name Defrost thermo MD-II
Model code PCM325016-00(standard model) PCM325016-01(with defrost end temperature sensor)
Power supply AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Temperature sensor TT-35 type diode sensor 3m
Control action 2位置制御
Output Relay contact 1a
Output capacity AC250V 10A(resistive load)
Defrost capacity AC250V 8A(resistive load)
Setting method UP/DOWN key
Display method Digital display 3 digits
Temperature accuracy < ±2℃(include sensor error)
Time accuracy < ±1%(at 25℃)
Differential settable range 0.5~9.5℃
Defrost cycle 30 minutes ~ 24 hours (10 minutes step)
Defrost time 0 minte ~ 60 minutes (1 minute step)
Ambient temperature 0~50℃(with no icing)
Ambient humidity < 85%Rh(with no condensation)
Temperature settable range ±50℃
Weight 400g approx. (Body only)
Power consumption < 7VA

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Defrost thermo MD-II


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