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Four digits two colors(red and green) display.
Simple usability.
Compact design.
Various control pattern.
You can choose fit one from 9 types.


  • High visibility seven segment display. Further more, two colors(red/green) are selectable.
  • Thermistor, Pt100 and K type thermocouple are available.
  • Measurement range is changeable.
  • It can be installed in empty spaces, such as under the eaves. Therefore the place which cannot take a space indoors can also be installed.
  • ON/OFF + ON/OFF, ON/OFF + Alarm, 3 position(Hot/Cool/OFF) are selectable.


Model code DG3000
Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Input Thermistor(1850Ωat25℃) Pt100 3 wires K type thermocouple ※You can select by parameter.
Control action 3 position(Hot/Cool/OFF), ON/OFF + ON/OFF, ON/OFF+Alarm
Out1 Relay contact output 1c AC250V 10A(resistive load)
Out2 Relay contact output 1a AC250V 3A(resistive load)
Setting method UP/DOWN
Display method Digital display(LED) x 4 digits, red or green.
Accuracy Thermistor: < ±1℃ 1digit Pt100: < (±0.3% of PV or ±0.8℃:whichever is greater)±1digit TC K : < (±0.3% of PV or ±3℃:whichever is greater)±1digit at -60 to 0℃(ambient temperature is 13 to 33℃) < (±0.3% of PV or ±2℃:whichever is greater)±1digit at the other range. All input exclude sensor error
Ambient condition -10 to 50℃ < 85%RH
Power consumption < 8VA
Measurement range Thermistor -60 to +160℃ Pt100 -210 to +660℃ TC K   -60 to +1210℃
Dimensions W 103mm×H 78mm×D 48mm (wall mount) W 111mm×H 86mm×D 48mm (panel mount)
Optional accessory Panel mount bracket

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application

温度調節計 デジマック3000シリーズ


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