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NP1011 is aspiration type CO2 monitor. It can monitor the place which can not be installed CO2 monitor directly. Since a measurement display is implemented with CO2 concentration control function, of course and the main part has splash-proof structure (IP33C), it is ideal for a vinyl house and use of a mushroom cultivation facility etc.


Measurement principle Lithium ion solid electrolyte method
Sampling method Aspiration pump method (Aspiration pressure : > 2kPa ; Flow volume : > 0.8L/min)
Response time < 90 second until 90% response
Display method 4 digits digital display by Red LED
Measurement range(resolution) 100~3000ppm(10ppm), 3000~9975ppm(25ppm)
Measurement accuracy ±[7% of PV + 1 digit](100~5000ppm) ±[10% of PV + 1 digit](5000~9975ppm) (at 25±3℃ 1013±10hPa)
Repeatability ±[2% of PV + 1 digit]
Temperature dependence ±3% of PV(0~40℃)
Pressure dependence 0.1%/hPa
Transmission output 4-20mA at 0-10000ppm (no output below 100ppm)
Control function 2 level input method (Dead band control from lower SV to upper SV) 1. Output‥‥Relay contact / 1 circuit (make contact) 2. Output Capacity・・・AC250V 1A(inductive load)
Error function Display "Err" Control output off
Warm up time approx. 30 minutes(display "H-UP" and control output off)
Calibration One point calibration by the reference gas in the dedicated calibration kit (offset calibration)
Operating condition 0~40℃, < 100%rh (with no condensation and always-on)
Storage condition 50℃, < 60%rh
Poewr supply 100VAC±10% 50/60Hz
Consumption approx. 13VA
Weight Body……approx. 2.3kg
Material Body……ABS plastic, Cover……Acrylic plastic
Degree of protection IP33C
Mounting method Wall mounting
Accessories spare fuse x 1, calibration pump cock x 1 manual x 1, tube(10m) x 1 screw for analog output terminal x 2, power code(3m) x 1 filter x 1(hook x 2, screw x 2)
Option calibration kit(reference gas, bulb) reference gas (three kind of mixed gases) drain pot, flow meter

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application



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