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Biodreamer Ⅱ has adopted the knob which is easy to operate it, and the legible large number display. Since package control can do temperature, humidity, lighting, an alarm, etc. in one set and implemented the night mode function, it is also possible to change a setup of temperature and humidity automatically at night. Communication function is available by optional.


Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Allowable fluctuation 85%~110%
Consumption < 38VA
Output capacity AC250V 5A,3A,1A(depends on each output)
Sensing method Thermistor wet and dry bulb / Thermistor temperature sensor + high polymer humidity sensor
Ambient conditions -10~50℃ < 85%RH
Weight Wall mount type : approx. 4kg / Panel mount type: approx 2.4kg
Temperature / humidity control section Temperature Humidity
Display range -9~60℃ 40~99%
Resolution 1℃ 1%
Accuracy ±1℃ ±5%
Setting range 0~50℃ 50~99%
Setting accuracy ±1℃ ±1%
Control method Two position (OFF at SV) Two position (OFF at SV)
Setting range0~99 minutes
Timer control section(1,2,3)
Setting resolution 1 minute
Setting accuracy < 2 second
Cleaning cycle0~24h (both ON/OFF)
Humidifier cleaning function section
Setting resolution 1 minute
Cleaning time 0~99 minutes
Setting resolution 1 minute

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application

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