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  • Much saving the fuel by alternating control every second day.
  • This product can attach up to 2 heaters.
  • One-touch operation to switch the alternating temperature mode and normal 4 stage control.
  • Patent pending
  • Alarm function has been implemented(optional).


Power supply AC100/200V 50/60Hz
Control method Two position(ON/OFF)
Temperature setting method 4 stages in 24 hours / 8 stages in 48 hours
Measurement range -15~55.0℃
Setting range 0~40℃ 0.5℃ step
Differential 0~9℃ variable
Ambient condition -10~50℃ < 85%RH
Output capacity Control(heater1, 2) AC250V 7A(resistive load)
Sensor Thermistor
Sensor wire 25m with sunshade
Mounting method Wall mount
Weight Body / approx. 2.7㎏ Sensor / approx. 0.75㎏
Alarm setting range 0~50℃ 0.5℃ step
Alarm setting method High / Low selectable
Alarm output capacity AC250V 5A(cosφ=0.4)
Fan setting range 0~50℃ 0.5℃ step
Fan control method Two position(ON/OFF)
Fan output capacity AC250V 5A(cosφ=0.4)
Options Alarm output, average sensor, blacket, wire

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application



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