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Ultrasonic humidifier "KIRIKAZE" generate finer micro mist than steam type or nozzle type. It is perfect for mushroom cultivation. Start quickly because the ultrasonic wave directly vibrate the water. And of course stop quickly, therefore humidity can control accurately. Automatic water supply function is implemented. Therefore, continuous running is available. Automatic humidity control is available by interlocking with our humidity controller. Adopting specially designed exhaust pipe for mushroom. It reduce drips and can turn around 360°freely. Automatic cleaning function is implemented. Spore and bacteria gathered in the tank are ejected. It makes mist clean.

Uniquely designed exhaust pipe provides long mist range(approx 1.5m). np796_2


  • Uniquely designed exhaust pipe provides you high output, long range and reduce drips.
  • Quickly start works by ultrasonic method.
  • Available interlocking with our humidity controller.


Mist generation volume 3.4L/h (at 25℃)
Number of nebulizer 6 pcs
Supply water pressure 0.05~0.2MPa
Supply water temperature 5~40℃
Ambient temperature 5~40℃
External operation input Dry contact(ON/OFF)
Supply voltage AC100V/200V 50/60Hz (Select at purchase)
Weight 12.6Kg
Power consumption approx. 230VA
Other Automatic water supply function, Air filter, Water level sensor, Control input terminal, Strainer, Water supply tube, Overflow pipe

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application




Mushroom cultivation, Raising seeding, Electrostatic prevention, Dress up exhibition


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