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Ion cluster always repeat bond and degradation. It react with odor and bacteria, eliminate odor and sterilize with the potential energy. Our product "Nature" implemented the principle.


  1. Deodorization and sterilization
  2. Operational cost is only electricity expense and maintenance fee
  3. Wall mount
  4. Tool-less maintenance
  5. Intensity and intermittent timer is settable independently


Name Nature
Model BCL110
Poewr Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Allowable Fluctuation 90~110V
Consumption < 30W
Ambient Temperature 0~40℃(with no icing)
Ambient Humidity < 70%RH(with no condensation)
Withstanding Voltage AC1000V 1 minute (between power plug and case)
Insuration Resistance > 50MΩ (between power plug and case using a 500VDC meggar)
Room Size 40~150m3(standard load)
Ion generation method AC high voltage discharge type(silent discharge)
Discharge voltage AC2700V
Intensity selection 4 stages
Intermittent timer approx. 30 seconds
Blower fan Cross-flow fan (continuous operation)
Flow volume approx. 1.5m3/min (at 50Hz)
Weight 8.5kg

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Office
  • Hospital
  • Waiting room
  • Nursing-care hous
  • Pachinko hall
  • Food Processing Plant(fish, meet and other foods that emit a powerful odor)
  • Food Storage
  • Large Stocker


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