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This product is suitable for classification, collection, condensation of the particle less than 325 mesh(10~43um). High efficiency and simple structure have no moving parts. Therefore, it is easy to disassemble and reassemble. The capacity per unit area is high. High cost performance. Moving is easy because the foundation construction is unnecessary. The retention time of slurry is short. Therefore it is easy to recover from blackout or shutdown.


  • Suitable for less than 325 mesh(10~43um).
  • No moving parts simple structure easy to disassemble and reassemble.
  • Compact size high capacity.
  • Fixtures and fittings are affordable. Moving is easy because no foundation construction is required.
  • Easy to recover due to the retention time of slurry is short.


Cylinder diameter 50mm
Cone angle 10 degree
Feed cross-section area 150mm2
Underflow inside diameter 3mm,5mm,8mm,12mm
Connection diameter 25A
Feed pressure 2.5~4Kg/cm2
Feed volume 60~90 liter/min
Classification particle size 10~40μ
Exterior components Alminium light alloy
Interior components Abrasion-resistant rubber
Simplicial weight approx. 6Kg

Dimensions, panel-cut,Application


As for the ultrafine classification that is lower than 10 μ, the classification to 2-3 μ is possible by use of microminiature cyclone L-M-C, but is hard to raise the classification effect that is enough by one step of operation only for L-M-C when the particle size distribution of straight raw materials is mixed with the particle which is more coarse than 10 μ abundantly. In this case the most effective way is to make a circuit with two phases of series methods of the primary → second and install SUPER-50CYCLONE to the first and remove particles of 40-10 μ beforehand, and pressurize the filtered liquid to indispensability pressure by a pump, and feed to L-M-C as second cyclone.

  • Concentration and classification of the synthetic substance in the chemical factory.
  • Classification of the sillicon carbide and sillicon nitride.
  • Purification of the electrolyte of the metal smelting.
  • Concentration of the abrasion waste fluid of the flat glass factory to recycle.
  • Preliminary concentration to enhance centrifugal extractor and consecutive vacuum filters.
  • Classification in the product line of the food industry.
  • Classification of the light weight substance such as the wood flour.
  • The slight sand removal of the water for industrial use.


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